Just another paranoid android
2001-09-12 20:44:07 (UTC)

Goddamned Essay #1

You shouldn't ever try to be an individual. If you do
that, then you are only going to end up trying too hard and
then you get nowhere. Individuals just are, and for a
human being to calm their minds into just "being" is a very
difficult business. I find that sometimes things or people
want us to be a certain way, and many times we succumb to
that. We lose ourselves and become what they want us to
be. Its so interesting to me. This manipulation is so
subtle. hmmm.
And on the subject of manipulation. Like arguing, it
is an art. Not many people know how to do it and those who
do are in power over everyone else. It isnt a pretty
thought... Being under the control of another makes us
feel less human. We become pets, animals. But this isn't
something to worry about. If you're an animal, then be an
animal along with everyone else. Then, you revolt.
Ahhh, the concept of revolt. It's wonderful. Change
is probably the one thing that can't ever be taken away
from history. Things always change. We have the upper
hand in that we can directly change things. You can say
you don't like that man's tie. Then you can kill him.
Anyone who kills an innocent person should suffer. This
isn't to say that killing people who aren't innocent is any
better. Perhaps if nobody killed anyone else then everyone
would be happier. But human nature is to want as much leg
space as possible. Or at least as much as you need. But
when that guy cramps your leg space, maybe you should ask
him to leave. And if he doesn't? Blow up two of his most
famous and important buildings.
But don't do that. You'll be a coward. Cowards should
suffer. Cowards are more likely to kill than honorable
people are.
One last thing. Never fear anything but fear itself.
As a matter of fact, you know what? Don't fear fear. He's
a bitch. Fear only eats the very speghetti that is your
soul. its good spaghetti, don't waste it.