One hell of a life
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2003-01-19 05:48:43 (UTC)

1-19-03 entry thirty

Friday night we went to C's. It's an awesome place. I
stayed at Lois's. First we went to McD's to wait for Kirst
and Hannah (her friend from NZ) and then Viv came too. We'd
just bought lois's phone. Anyway, then we took a taxi
together to C's, and it's a totally cool place - we walked
up the steps to this elevator door, and seriously that's
all it is! Then we took it down to the -1 floor. We stepped
out and walked through this hall with writing all over the
walls. We grabbed a pen and wrote our names all over the
wall and lois and I bought two shots (10 RMB each) Hannah
insisted she take a picture and everyone crowded round to
watch as we licked the salt, drank it, and bit into the
lemon. Lois told me it tasted foul but i kinda enjoyed it,
even though it wasn't that nice. Anyway, then we bought
some milky drinks (forgot the name - 62% alcohol) and about
twenty minutes after that lois and I bought these lemony
vodka drinks (Screwdrivers). Later we tried Vivian's Black
Russian - damn it was good - so we bought some of those
too...some of the girls were dancing, and Rigel and
Carolina were there, so I let them try the Black Russian
and Rigel was actually kinda nice, she was like, "Hey,
Yeah, the others kept laughing and going "are you okay? are
you alright?" cause I was giggling. I know I wasn't drunk
but i guess I was tipsy. So when Lois was getting up on
stage to dance with the others, she tripped and fell,
laughing her ass off. I think she was kinda tipsy too. Then
while we were standing around the bar area, Astrid, Melody,
Marion and the P.O.S came. Shaun was there...haha. He
looked fine. So I was watching him dirty dancing...fuckfuck
he looked so hot!! Anyway he asked us to dance I dunno why
we didnt. Got embarassed lol. Anyway, there were tonns of
Western older men, and one who looked like Mr. Berry came
up to us and started slurring in German, "Three, three..."
and holding up three fingers. Then this chinese bloke
started chatting us up. Anyway, after a while we went into
the bar and saw Jason, Daniel and Kieron. They were sweet!
While Daniel was dancing, Jason just stood around us,
talking but we had no idea what to say. So yeah, we were
all sitting in this room, Astrid, Mel, Marion and the
P.O.S. Eric showed me his tattoo, it's pretty cool. And I
liked his earring. Anyway, some of the guys wrestled,
blahblah, it was all good. Oh and we saw YONATHON and
DOR!!!!!! They are so not the type to go clubbing, I saw
them there and I was like...omg...shy-never-speaks-in-class
Yonathon? Anyway, Avi and David were there too - every time
Avi walked past, he would stick out his chest and try to
look all cool. Ha. Anyway, it was good, when we left we
gave EVERYONE hugs (Daniel was like hugging and messing up
my hair and going "Awww...are you leaving?" he's sweet) and
I melted when Shaun hugged me. I was like..."Ahhhhhh dont
let go.." not out loud of course. It was like HEAVEN!!! He
sort of rubbed my back and - well anyway I'm OTT about him
so yeah. We found out the elevator was stuck but we went
down anyway. A few seconds later, Shaun and that lot came
out and watched us get in a taxi and leave.

It was awesome.

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