my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-01-19 05:10:50 (UTC)

i am fucked up holly shit

ok so a m at marias and we are so drunk it is so fucking
great leat me tell you!!!!!!! ok so on firday it was ok i
guess i hate b-days but we got to eat in food and nut and
it was oss good. and then i got home and went put with
maria and yeah we went to the tallent show and it was
fuking awsoe and yeah then we gotts fuckng hig as heell
after anfd went to dennies with lenna and like and lea and
ummmmmmm nate and we say liz and otto ands all the ppeeps
they were with jason penter gast i think and yeah some
other ppl thato dint know. what ever`!!!!!! oh godo am so
fucked~~~~~~~ ok so yeah then to day we gt up and there was
a police scar driving up the road wth its sirens on and
yeah it woke up up and ummmmm well we needed to get up ay
way so yeah then we went to wal mart and got stunff for
kristedns baby shwer and um then we went to mcodnnakds and
i got mad food it was [email protected]@!!!!!!!!!!!!! then we came
back ghere and then left again and got movies and now we
are sittinghere drunk as heel and we watched american
history x befor and now we are watching not another teen
movie and it is so funny and he parents are home and then
dont even know we are drunk it is so funny. we are i nthe
living room to./ oh man!!!!!!!!!!! we forgot the fire wood
hahah ass hole!!!!!!!!!! ok i am gonna go now and finnishe
watching tha movie. i am going to kristens showr tomarrowe
amd i sjud be ghomw toamrrow night! tslk to ya lal
later~~!!!!!!love ya !!!! ok i gotta
go l8ter im out like whoa~~~!!!!!!!!
watching :not antohter teen movie
eating:chocolet chip cookies
drinking :juce and citron

ps me and maria best friemds forever we can get through
anything and we wat you all to know we are rubbing lotion
all over eah others legsssss hahah what now!!!!!
WANT YOU..... k im out!!!!!!!!!!

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