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2001-09-12 20:08:22 (UTC)

Random stuff

Ok, I'm steering clear of the recent tragic events in the
U.S. because it just depresses me. I will however say that
before yesterday was over I had a horrific scare. Remember
how I didn't know where S was and I was pretty worried?
Anyways before I actually did hear about him, I heard the
tragic news that the Director of Scouting for the LA Kings
was on one of the planes that hit one of the twin towers.
Well that just really got me upset. So I called home and
found out, THANK GOD, that he's still in Montreal. Even
better yet, he's coming home soon. Happy dance, happy dance.
Ok, I was a little miffed today that all tv programming
if still basically being pre-empted due to the terrorist
activities. Not happy was I because N'SYNC was supposed to
be on the Ananda Lewis show today with their moms. That's
another thing- how cute is JC's mom?! OMG! She's like as
short as me and he looks a lot like her. Then I was thinking
that she has to be a pretty special woman to have raised
someone as perfectly wonderful as my JC. Lance's mom is
cute too. He gets his nose from her. And Justy's almost the
spitting image of his mom and she must have took a lesson
from him on hairstyles showing up at the VMAs in cornrows-
that really didn't suit her but what can you do? I've seen
Chris's mom before too and I was laughing because she, like
the rest of us is convinced that Chris is from another
planet because he's so crazy. Maybe that's why we love him
so much. I don't recall ever having seen Joey's mom but I
have seen his dad on the Regis show before and Joey looks so
much like him. Then again, he's named after him as well and
if you want to know the cutest thing- Joey's dad who's like
50 or whatever is in a man's "boy band" called "Not So
Boyband" and they opened for several of N'SYNC's shows. They
do choreography and all that too. How cute is that?!
Ok, on another subject for a sec- I had my first Pete
sighting of the year last night. Went to the movies and
before it started, I had to go pee (what else is new?!) so I
walk out and the one show is letting out and there's about
12 to 14 of the guys. At first I was all clueless except I
recognized the guy right in front of me and I was all like
"Why do I know that guy?!" and then I'm like "OMG! Duh, It's
Matt H!" Then more and more of them spilled out. How cute
are those guys? Going to the movies every Tuesday night
together. Honestly I wish KF had of been there but he's at
training camp so...
Ok, this has been plaguing me. Justin is soooooo cute
when he talks about Britney. He absolutely adores her-
worships the ground she walks on. I love watching him talk
about her and the way his eyes just absolutely light up.
Then there's the song on "Celebrity" that he wrote for her-
"Something Like You". How cute is that?! Ok, what bugs me
though is though although she says she loves him and stuff,
she just doesn't talk about him with the same passion as he
talks about her. Maybe that's just the way she expresses
herself. I don't know. All I know is that she better not
break his heart or I'll be very upset. He's so sweet.
Anyways in the words of AJ.... gotta go!

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