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2001-09-12 19:39:48 (UTC)


Right, changed the diary name, cause i thought it was now
slightly more appropriate

Okay, i will be called insane for this, but then thats
nothing new for me, people must have seen those arabs
celebrating on the streets yesterday, and i think if i were
one of them, i'd be celebrating too, i mean after a little
while of thinking, this whole thing is making sense to me.

First of all, person behind it, wanted to go down in
history, plain and simple
Secondly the arabs were celebrating, but not because of the
lives lost, i think this whole thing goes well, deeper than
that, i think if you just look passed the lives that have
been lost because of this then maybe we can get something
out of it. Arabs live in 3rd world countries, they dont
have much going for them, whereas america is the richest
country in the world, and most american millionaires just
waste all there money on things they wouldnt need, at least
ones you hear about, the news doesnt really cover stuff
like 'billionaire donates food for homeless' and stuff like
that, especially not in countries like this.
SO what do they go and do, first they attack the world
trade centre and centre of the economy, and BAM america is
in financial crisis, okay, admittedly there is obviously a
little more to it than that, with the pentagon and the
attempt at camp david, but hey, for a 15 year old kid i
think thats a pretty good theory so far on this whole thing

On to other stuff , the other girl i mentioned in that love
update thing, has seen the diary, read the posts and stuff,
obviously finding that, and we talked for a while about it,
thankfully not avoiding the situation completely, which is
something i definately woulda done before, and thats all
sorted now. When i meet up with her, sure i'd like to see
how things go, but for now thats how it is, cause this is
definately one thing i wouldnt want to screw up by having a
net thing, and something happening on one side or another
and things falling apart, thats definately not something i
wanna happpen

Just to clarify i'm not saying i am willing to screw things
up this way with my net gf, god forbid, but i mean this one
theres no way round that, not one i'm willing to take
anyway. SO yeah, tahts you informed and upto date in that
area of my life

Ok , final thing, on the bombing thing, my thoughts, i mean
if a war situations happens, we get dragged in, yes i know
theres an extremely likely possibility we could all be
drafted, and it'd be almost certain that we would be
affected in some way, i mean england may only be a tiny
little country, but its for some reason still extremely
important in these situations. The thing is tho, i'm not
scared, i'm not worried, i dont even feel like affected.
Yes i have spoken to americans about it, yes i have talked
to people who have been directly affected by it, yes i have
talked about it the whole freaking day at school. yet still
nothing, just complete and utter nothing. At the moment ,
in this situation, the only thing i'm scared of, is not
being scared....