my life
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2003-01-19 04:14:08 (UTC)

weirder than usual

well i know some days are weird but jeeze this is
rediculous. its been a good day though just a lil odd. fist
this morning i was supposed to get up when my mom called
but i didnt..hehe do i ever??:) anyways i left my phone on
all night and brian calls to see if i wanna go to breakfast
well he called at a perfect time to get me up..oh and see i
never leave my phone on all night. well this didnt seem
weird but compared to the rest of my day it fits in. so i
go to see these people i know and the lady asks if i like
anyone well of course i say no..LIED!!! but then she asks
about my college friend..what the hell?? first there are 2
so i didnt know who but i just acted like it was my friend
chris cuz well we're just friends. but she wouldnt think or
know anything about him so it has to of been the guy from
this summer and now i wonder who the hell she knows that
would know about him. yea when she asked that i gave her
this dumb ass look cuz i had no freaking clue how she'd
know that and i still dont. then i come home and get a
phone call on my cell and when i answered it it was a
mexican guy well at least he sounded mexican..and first of
all i dont know any around here. so then 5 min later i gets
another call from a diff number but i didnt answer this
one. well i looked the numbers up and ones from chicago and
the others from LA..umm considering i dont know a freaking
person from there it was just a lil weird. so of course i
say how could this night get any weirder and my phone just
lights up like someones calling it or something and stays
lit for a min then goes off. it NEVER has done that before.
AAHHHHH!!!! so yes im a lil freaked out tonight...oh and
too i had a dream about someone last night that i dont know
why id dream about him, well actually i do but we wont
say..sam dont ask cuz your not finding out:)and it wasnt
trison so dont worry...
then earlier today we went and asked these people if
they would take my horse cuz its too much trouble havin one
and as it looks now theyre gonna take her. well thats sad
enough even though she'll be in draft but still she wont be
mine anymore and i like her a lot more now cuz she's smart
and likes me and doesnt like my dad..hehe..but then i get
home and my dad accidentally said something about shelly(my
dog we had to have put down) when he meant pepper so i look
at my mom and she starts laughing..OMG could this get any
worse??? that was the low point of my day along with talkin
about the horse so i just got up and went to my room. i
know they didnt mean anything but its just hard to hear
stuff cuz i still miss shelly. well im ok now cuz after
that the day went freaky..well now i think ive said enough
ill come back soon.