Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
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2001-09-12 17:53:06 (UTC)


I dont really know what I want to write...

I got tons of new music videos yesterday which im really
happy about (err.. i read this and edited it becuase it said i was
happy before)... and I turned on the radio before falling
asleep and listend to the news on the towers for over 2
hours before i was able to fall asleep... Earlyer though I
had like a daymare? because it wasnt considered a nightmare
if im not asleep right?

Well... i was listening to the news and i closed my eyes
and felt really sad... cause it was so pitchblack i thought
of a guy in complete silence just little pebbles shifting
down hitting other granante and steel rods, his arm was
stuck over his eyes so he couldnt open them to look around
and he was breathing from his mouth because it was to hard
to breath through his nose... His arm was numb and to the
side so i think it got crushed and one of his legs hurt
really really bad... He was deep enough he couldnt hear
anyone above and he thought he was already dead in hell or
was going to die soon. The scary part is that happened
when they played the song Star Spangled Banner.

Then later before falling asleep i layed on my side and
just thought of nothing i had the radio turned down really
low but as i was falling asleep all kinds of faces and
people just start to scroll by...

No ones gonna belive me -.-

Besides they were just dreams no?