Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-01-19 01:06:10 (UTC)


hey im at suzzies house she made me make this thing so she
could read my thoughts which is ok i guess. i just got off
the phone with her freind mike omg he is like the biggest
racist i have ever talked omg its wicked sad. omg guess
what i got my dress for winter weekend today its wicked
prudy too. its black with a little black flower on it. then
i got a black purse and shale thingy (i dont know if its
spelled right but you get wat im saying). it took like five
hours to find one i was getting wicked depressed! nina
thinks we are getting a limo but im trying not to get to
excited in case we dont get one. (yeah know) speaking of
nina, im wicked glad her mom got the job for the judge for
she doesnt have to move because i would be wicked sad if
she moved away!!! then there is suzy who thinks she takes
adnvtage of me but i dont understand because i love wicked
much and im wicked happy she came back up here. omg we
have such good times bowling and trying on dresses. well
now syzzie is painting my nails so i have one hand and its
difficult to type. and wat she doesnt realise is im wearing
this tommorow haha well i got to go for now tootles