Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-12 17:03:24 (UTC)


Okay, another boring day, so i decided to have a little
thoughts post, just to keep you updated and stuff on my
minefield of a mind

Okay well, the first full day after the disasters, and
well, basically, even people here are freaking.

If we get dragged into a possible war situation, and
england , which apparently is extremely possible, gets
attacked , i can say bye bye to the doncaster town which is
right next to me, because doncaster is the main train
place, bar london so if it was a real war situation that
would prolly happen

but of course even tho a state of war has been called, but
we cannot tell what will happen, we just have to hope it
doesnt, cause this would only cause more problems, the
people who did this are already dead...

okay, well i had more to right on this, but i cant for the
life of me remember what the hell it was