Loserkid #182

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up
2001-09-12 16:57:03 (UTC)

Freakin Terrorist Assholes

What the hell? Why? I can't believe this. My favourite
place in the world, where I want to live when I'm older,
under attack from some stupid terrorists. It's on every
channel. Except for the little kids channels who don't give
a f***. Cos of course, kids watching Nick Jr don't
understand more that "Blue's Clues". I've been watching CNN
most of the day cos I'm off school with an ear infection.
And I've been watching all this footage, of the planes
going into the Twin Towers from all these different angles.
Of a smouldering Pentagon. Of a rescue worker and the
little kid's rag doll he found under all the rubble. And I
can't believe that this is real. That it's not some movie.
It's live news. And I'm thinking about how came home
yesterday to hear they've closed off all major goverment
buildings in London in case someone tries to smash a plane
into them too. And all these poor kids freaking out over there
wondeing if someone's going to smash a plane into them, too.
And I'm wondering how any human being could do it. How any
human could kill thousands of other humans. Innocent men,
women and children. And I'm wondering why, and if it will
happen again. And I'm thinking about the people who died,
and the poor families of the people who have died. Those
people hoping that their husband or wife or boyfirend or
dad or mum or child or best friend will be one of those few
who get found under the rubble and saved. I'm thinking
about the people who discover that someone they love so
much has died, and how horrible I know it feels, that you
can't believe it was that person, that person you just saw
the other day or even yesterday morning. And you'll never
see them again.
And I'm wondering what it's like to be sitting in your
office and seeing a plane heading towards you and knowing
you're going to die. Or being one of the passengers in a
hijacked plane, knowing you're going to be killed as your
plane crashes. Or standing on the ground helplessly as one
of the Twin Towers collapses on you.
And I know I can't even begin to imagine it.