Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-18 23:40:12 (UTC)

Say My Name

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I keep on,
Speed writing
Its just like lightening,
Whiggas find it quite frightening
I Just keep reciting, keep the dogs biting
Keep on fighting, never give up,
Still putting them up, taking my time, making it up,
fucking you up, you bitches are lapping it up,
Watching me while I speed write, play my verse in the clubs.
A white boy, lost and all alone, far from home,
Writing in time, loving those beats, giving you treats
You gonna learn to flow, easy bitch like you learning to
Vocabulary so scary you whiggas already know,
I'm the next episode, switching to turbo mode,
No one can see me,fuck they dont even know I can flow!
Before you know I'm all over your show
Its at an end whigga, I'm here to promote
A self respect, a self trust no neglect
Someone like me suddenly taking over your set?
Still You stand back , still you cant believe this shit...a
white boy from round here flowing like this?
Well then motherfucking you better take this, eat this, my
lyrics taste good like some expensive chinese dish?


make my money somewhere else..stay true to myself, live
life, go to hell, get fucked up even worse and sing...

If you know my name,
Singing out again,Sing it out again..
If you know my name
Umberto, Umberto

jesus, I'm dangerous, feel strong and much bigger,
Feel on the edge, murderous intent, serial killer
Rapist, judge, murderer courtroom and jury,
Shoot up your home, listen to my story
When you feel on the edge, like everything that they say,
is adding up on you your having yet another bad day,
When you feel that your anger cant get anymore, till your
standing over him, his face in the floor,
With his wife beaten and bruised still asking for more,
Theres you with a revolver and theres cops at the door..
And theres kids in the bedroom and one of thems dead,
Doesnt matter no more, he shouldnt have said
All those things that he said, one blow to the head was
never enough and now your all set,to be led away with your
hands in cuffs? 20 years and 4 months? Jesus for double
murder? Is it really that much?
But fuck that you'll never be locked in a cell, you reload
the revolver, turn it back on yourself
And as the bitch screams you know that your going to hell,
But Fuck it, you know its gotta be better than jail...
And as the gun goes click and the bitch gets sick, the cops
rush in, but its all happened so quick..
And now your in hell , find him and kill him again, who
said that your life wasnt a game? Sing...

If you know my name,
Singing out again,
Umberto Umberto
If you know your name
Sing it out again
Umberto, Umberto

Cos we all the same

Writing time: 35 minutes 11 seconds

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