Living on love
2001-09-12 16:34:44 (UTC)

Hard moments....

New York, that's all I hear all day. The tv is on 24/7 and
that's all I'm watching. My mind is set on you though. I
decided to start packing your things , since you will
deffinitely move out this friday. I don't know wether I
have to help you or not, we'll just see about that then.
All your cd's, video's, all your stuff are in boxes, ready
to leave my world and my life forever. I'm having a hard
time now, I wanna call you, I wanna hear your voice, I want
you to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be
all right. If only there was a spell I could put on myself
to stop loving you totally immediately I'd do it at this
very second. How can I be so selfish and think about myself
when there might be a world war coming? I try to be strong
and I try to hold on, but I miss you so very much? Do you
think of me? Even a little bit? Do you miss me? Don't you
want to come back to me? What do I do to get my mind off
you, what do I do?
I'm hurt, my heart is broken and my dreams shattered to
pieces, how and when will I be able to go on and to enjoy
every single day of my life. Believe me, with this war
coming I do want to be able to enjoy every raindrop and
every flower, but it's so hard not being a part of you. I
love you so very very very much... I beg the stars to tell
you this, please know that you'll always be in my heart!