The JoZ

Opinions of the Once-Arrogant Asshole
2003-01-18 21:47:33 (UTC)


"I am too connected to you to, Slip away, to fade away.
Days away I still feel you, Touching me, changing me,
And considerately killing me."

-Tool: "H"

Often times we can find ourselves too attatched to
someone...we become, or are, overly needy and dependant.
But what happens when we realize this flaw, and turn to a
more powerful source, a drug or something similar, for
comfort? We find ourselves thrown farther into the abyss,
driven deeper into our self-maintained void, and ostracized

The need is the bane, and it should've been stopped sooner

But it wasn't..

Those who do not learn, or have not learned to stand upon
their own, to fend for themselves, think for themselves,
and act for themselves, will be first to fall into the
spiral of desolation that awaits them. It's one thing to
have's one thing to put trust in someone, to
have faith, and to believe that a certain someone will
always be there for you...that you'll always have that
pedastal to stand on, so that you might not touch the
acidic truth below. But when this reliance turns to need,
when this faith becomes a dependence, is when all falls
apart, and the senses are shattered. If we did not allow
ourselves to become too attatched to one, we would be
stronger, more powerful in body and mind...

But sometimes, we find that comforting bond too good to
break...even if only temporarily. We hold on with a grip of
death, in hopes that we'll be saved in the end. That
whatever the world has thrown before us will be taken away,
that we'll be sheltered from whatever torments us...

But in truth we only kill ourselves...