Loserkid #182

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up
2001-09-12 15:32:03 (UTC)

Earaches and Math Problems

Yesterday was probably the worst day I've ever had at
Mangotsfield. Which is actually pretty good because I've
had far worse days at St. Tom's. The problem was I had a
bad earache and I'd got my mum to make an appointment at
the doctors about it.

Well anyway, I've been so busy that I forgot to do some
work on long division with decimals (which I hate) and when
I got to class I was totally unprepared and I had the most
horrible teacher in the entire school. So he was setting
all these problems which I didn't know how to do and it
seemed like everyone else did so I was sat there trying to
do the working in pencil, hoping I could rub it out later.
And there was Steve brething down my neck all "You're
supposed to be working on scrap paper, you're going to get
in trouble. What have you got so far? How far have you
got?" And I'm trying to get him to shut up so I can
concentrate. Now Steve's OK most days but I was already in
a foul mood and my ear was bothering me so I was starting
to get tearful, of course I wouldn't let him see and
finally he left me alone and I was really pissed of by this
point. Of course Sophie noticed something was up so I told
her my ear was bothering me and she got me excused from
class and took me to the office. I told the lady that I had
paracetamol in my bag and she rang mum at work to check it
was OK for me to take it (school policy). Of course mum
said yes (she'd given me them in the first place) so I took
them and the lady told me to go sit down and wait for them
to start working, see if I feel better at lunch etc. So
that got me out of maths.

The rest of the day went OK and after school mum took me to
the doctor. It turns out I have an abcess in my ear and I
have to stay off school for a few days. This is great
(apart from the pain and antibiotics) because it means I
have time to prepare for maths.

So I guess it's all working out!

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