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2001-09-12 15:20:14 (UTC)

The day innocence died.....

Yesterday was a horrific day. We were struck by an
un-forgiveable act of terrorism. Fear was placed in the
lives of every single american.

Around 8:45am tragedy struck home. I was 4 blocks from the
in-describable act. Terror shook the entire city. I was
walking to school. I was running about 10 minutes late. I
was on Church street at the time of this. A plane flew
overhead. It was horrificly close to us. Usually you see
them fly overhead and OVER the buildings. But this, this one
flew so low. I stared up at the sky, amazed by the lowness
of the flying.

As I thought about it, the plane crashed into the 1st
building. People all around screamed. The screams were
drowned out by falling pieces of plane and building. It was
shocking. I stared for a long time which seemed years. For a
second I shook my head, thinking I was dreaming. Nothing
like this was NEVER to happen.

I re-gained myself and toom off down the street. By that
time the smoke was everywhere. I don't even think I saw the
second plane crash into the second building. I'm sure this
is what all entries are about. I wish my first entry would
be of something happy, not of this devestating act.

I have best friends who live in the U.K, one in Canada, one
in Virginia, one in Germany, one in Australia and then a
bunch here. Went I went to log onto yahoo I recieved all the
offline messages they sent me. I am so loved by them. I am
greatful I have them.

I don't know where I would be without them. My life has come
to a complete hault. I'm going down there today and donating
blood. They need my help. It took me 4 hours to walk home.
They closed all the bridges and trains were no longer

I couldn't even call home to let my mom know I was ok. I was
mortified, as I still am. I have alot I wish to go on about,
but as of right now I can not. My heart and prayers go out
to all those families that had loved ones that have

I tried to sleep last night but it was no use. My tears
never ceased. They continued to flow and I continued to sob.
I am so good at crying myself to sleep, but even that I
couldn't do last night. My hands have not stopped shaking.
I've been keeping occupied by writing poems. This one I am
about to share with you was written last night in a matter
of 3 minutes. Yes, I timed myself. Do not think that as I
write this I am smiling, no. I have been emotional unstable
since first seeing the crash and then the images of the
victims played over and over again in my mind. My life will
never be the same. My mother said that yesterday, I lost my
innocence. I don't know exactly what she means but she's
right. She says my facial expression will never have what
it used to have. She doesn't beleive I'm going to go back
to my 'normal' state. She says 'In us all, there is an
innocence in which we never know. An innocence that only
shows itself in the time of tragedy. It's the most private
of our emotions. Locked up until a disaster. Yesterday the
nation lost it's innocence. The feeling of being safe now
gone. Fear sweeping across the entire world as the video
clips repeat themselves over the screens of t.v's.' She's
right. I'm so scared, I haven't stopped thinking about what
has happened.

Life for me will never be the same. I've seen things in
which people will hopefully never see. What I have
expierenced is shared with those that were around me. But
what I feel is what those around the entire world feel.

When you step outside, you automatically know what everyone
is talking about. In so many ways that is terrifying. But
hopefully we can come together and grow stronger. We need
hope and most importantly, we need each other.

And with this I leave you. Please remember those around you.
Remember the things that are most important to you, which
are the ones you love.

~The Day Innocence Died~

The world shaken by the horrific act.
A lose of innocents is sweeped away.
The act of war now in effect.

Sitting alone in a world so dark.
Those gone now a symbol of something more.
The worst day in history now marked.

The feeling of nothing ever being the same.
Our hearts go out for all those faded.
A vision of death, extremely devestating.

And so it's written in history.
The day the gates of hell opened.

What once was there.
It's all gone.
A million lives all now share the same devestation.

Hearts broken by this unspeakable act.
The cries of those alive, drowning out the screams.
Frantic love ones, searching for those missing.

Overhead went the planes.
A one way trip, with no returning.
As they kiss the ones they love goodbye at the terminal,
they have yet to relize what they are boarding.
A death sentence already marked.

The stars in the sky high above.
The only light to be shed on the wreckage.
A nation in shock as the world mourns.

What next ?

~Dedicated to all those who lost their lives in this tragedy
on September, 11th. 2001. The day the world bleed. The day
Innocence was destroyed.

~Elizabeth Giordano.