The crazy world of me
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2003-01-18 20:18:50 (UTC)

Hey what is up people! I..

Hey what is up people! I haven't been up to much just
acting crazy. Last night Jenna,Joni,Mary and Iwent to the
dollar tree and we found these fire helmets that made noise
so I got one and my Joni got the other and we were going up
to people house playing them it was so funny. Then when we
were leaving this kids house I made myself fall and Joni
tripped over me because she wasn't paying attention. Oh my
gosh is was so funny but are hands hurt now because we
landed on these gum balls and they cuts our hands. Oh and
then we dropped Mary of and went to Jeff's it was soo funny
because this kid Josh was there and he was running from
Joni and I tripped him and he fell on his face. Oh my gosh
it was so funny. Last night was great besides a few people
got to me a little bit but thats okay I let them know whats
up. I don't know what my deal is lately I have always been
the kind of person to tell my feeling but if I thought it
was going to hurt someone elses then I would keep my mouth
shut but here lately I have been being mean and just coming
out with it all. I guess I just don't care anymore. So
then we came to my house and my sister had a bunch of her
friends here and this kid Jeff was soooo high. Oh man that
kid cracks me up. So we were looking at this sex book and
he was saying all this crap it was great. That was about
it but it was so funny. So I guess I am going to go.