Anything But Ordinary
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2003-01-18 19:46:50 (UTC)

Kelly's Birthday Partay

So last night was a complete blast at Kelly's. Dan
D'Addona and I were the only sober ones there pretty much.
Adam was totally gone! And Nicole, holy cow. She had like
an entire 5th of Amaretto. But fun times were had. Even
though I had like one drink, a lot of people thought I was
drunk. I think when I'm around a ton of drunk people, I
just end up acting drunk, for some reason. Sometimes I
guess it's just me being really hyper, which a lot of
people aren't really used to seeing. But afterwards I went
with Meredith Mitch AmyOber Nicole and Dan to Little Chef.
Mitch picked up the entire bill, which I kind of feel bad
for because he was drunk and I felt we were taking
advantage. But then again, he just won like $800 at the
casino, so really...who cares? So Dan and I did the whole
dd thing and I didn't end up getting home till 4:45. I
haven't been up that long for who knows when...

I hada dream last night that we were at the party, and Adam
was having a baby in the bathroom. So he wanted me to
help him give birth, and he gave me this book about like
the birthing process of elk. I wanted to call an
ambulance, but he was screaming at me that he wanted to
give birth the proper way, just like elks do. So I just
left him. I came back later though, and he had a girl.
But I don't think she looked like an elk...

But how cracked up is that?

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