The void
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2003-01-18 19:32:13 (UTC)

mixed up

hi, i'm a bit mixed up inside. i feel really bad about what
i said to my boyfriend it had to be said i feel bad because
i know iv'e hurt him and i never meant to do that. i just
hoped he'd understand and he didn't.well i think we are ok
now. i hope so anyway. he knows i love him and i wouldn't
hurt him intentionally.i just asked three small things of
him,to stop calling me perfect, to believe in himself and
to never think that i don't love him.not difficult to do if
you love someone is it?
anyway today sam lent me the new coldplay album so iv'e
been listening to that most of the day. it's brilliant,
very mellow and depressing. i bought a sofa bed! it looks
fantastic in my room now! hehe am going to go and eat my
chips in it now and watch television. didn't intend on
writing alot so make up for it tomorrow. c ya