My So Called Life
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2003-01-18 19:08:46 (UTC)

I'm so extremely bored

Have you ever been so scared that you thought maybe if you
didn't move an inch that thing you were hinding from
wouldn't see you? Well that was me last night. Stevie
drug our asses all the way out the the covered bridge out
in B.F.E. We pulled up and turned out the headlights but
the guys decided they would be cute and opened the doors.
Well lets just say that ruined my plan of being silent! I
lost it I think that the people in Europe could have heard
us screaming. At one time I swear I looked over and saw
Chad screaming for his momma. I remember Danielle she was
the most scared I thought she was going to piss her
pants. Once her door was open she started screaming that
she'd seen the ghost then the next thing I knew she was in
between chad and I. Needless to say I will NEVER go back
there again. To top it all of Kayliegh found out that I
was right downt the road from when she is going to be
living after she graduates...You better believe I'm never
going to stay at her house...Sorry girl!