What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-09-12 12:28:32 (UTC)

i'm terrified, and pissed off.

i have american friends telling me that i can't feel what
they're feeling, and that i'm not affected by all that's

i bloody well am. my school is closed today because there
are 500 americans taking shelter there. the stadium is
closed, because americans are taking shelter there. and
every hotel room in the city is full, because americans are
taking shelter there. 27 planes bound for america landed in
st. john's. there's 38 in gander. and more at various
points around the rest of the province. and that's just

my friend said "you're not american, you don't feel the
same way we do about it." that's such a lie. i can feel
whatever way i want about it. it's a horrible thing that
happened, i feel exceedingly depressed and, it could have
been us. if we had done something to provoke whatever
terrorists these are, it could damn well have been us. it
could have been anywhere in the world.

when something like this happens, the entire world is
affected. canadian air space is closed. don't try to tell
me that we aren't "affected" by this.

i'm terrified that something big might happen. people are
talking about war, and although i doubt war will happen,
i'm terrified. is that not being affected? some people can
be really ignorant.

she said "i saw video clips of people jumping out of
windows, on fire. it made me sick." i saw the exact same
footage, yet i can't be affected? just because i'm in a
different country doesn't me that i can't be affected?
someone needs to get their head out of their ass and
realize that the entire world is shaken and frightened by
what happened. the entire BLOODY world. except, the
ignorant countries who were cheering. it doesn't mean that
they had anything to do with the attack, but the fact that
they were cheering.

how many people want to go to war? really? do we really
need anymore destruction than what's already happened? if
the states lash out against a country (and they are already
pointing fingers, which they should NOT do, IMO), who's to
say that that country won't retaliate? if they have any
sense they would. no one would just sit around and let
their country be bombed to pieces, saying "oh..we deserve
this.." then there very well might be a war. wars solve
nothing, people need to realize that. it's just more
unnecessary deaths. people who've lived through wars will
tell you that.

and don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that there will be a
war, or that the US is wrong in what they're doing. it's
just..i'm pissed off because supposedly, because i'm
canadian and not american, i'm not allowed to feel pain for
these people who died. i'm not allowed to be terrified. i'm
not allowed to cry for them.

what's the legal age to give blood? i think i might do it,
if i'm allowed. my friends are already doing a benefit
concert to raise money to send down there. i want to do
something as well. i want to help out in anyway i can.

i'm sorry about going off like that. i just needed to get
it out.

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