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2001-09-12 12:13:21 (UTC)

Told you I'd be bad at keeping a diary....

You see, it's true, time flies.

I've first got to say that after yeaterdays events in
America, there seems to be an air of change. I'm not going
to dwell on it all, because I'm neither qualified or
informed enough on the politics to pass comment, but I will
say that my thoughts and prayers are with all the victims
and their families. I don't think I've ever been so shocked
as I have been over the last few hours.

I move on.....

Has it really been a month since my last entry? Well, it's
all good. Theres been a slight fly in the ointment with
regards to the album. A certain party has decided to stick
their nose in and try and stop it getting released.

To say I'm miffed would be an understatement, especially as
this seems like sour grapes only, and that they're also
passing on misinformation with regards to whats happening
and also about me personally.

I wish I had the resources to be able to confront this
person legally, but that ain't the case.

The album looks good though. We're gradually working our
way through the tracks and so far we're two up and they
sound GREAT!

The record company has heard them and are very pleased, so
we continue.

I spoke of another deal thats happening and that also has
come on leaps and bounds thanks to a very good friend of
mine. They've investigated lots of internal information
which tells me they're serious so I'm looking forward to
their proposal. I think if it goes my way, and financially
it's sound, then me and Lisa will be gone. I can do what I
do anywhere in the world and thats great. At the moment,
Greece looks favourite. I like Greece and so does Lisa.

It seems that too many people are "latching" on to me
recently, like limpets. These people I don't hear from for
ages suddenly appear out of the woodwork. Still, as I've
learned before, I may need these people later so, for the
time being they stay on board.

In other news....

Lisa and I are in great spirits. I feel more relaxed now
that financially we are relatively safe. I'm enjoying her
company more than at anytime, it just seems that we are
there for each other.

Rons cool. He's a pal like no other and I appreciate that
immensely. We have agreat relationship and still make each
other laugh.

A friend of the family has recently been taken ill and it
does bring home the fact that things change your lives on
an hourly basis. I'm grateful for good health and I will
never take it for granted.. I'm determined at 33 to start
taking better care of myself. I gave up smoking a few years
ago and exercise is next on the hit list!

I'm going to go now. I'll try and get back when I can but
sometimes, time goes too quickly so I do apologise.