Living on love
2001-09-12 10:18:44 (UTC)


The world is still mourning and I'm mourning too. The death
of so incredibly many people and you leaving me never to
come back again. Yesterday I saw you when you came to pick
up more stuff and every single time you walked out of the
door, this pain in my heart was so unbearable. But who am I
to cry about somthing this little when there are thousands
of people who lost there loved ones forever. And in such a
tragic tragic way, there might be world war 3 and I'm
crying over you. How so?
I miss you now, when it all happened yesterday and you
found out you called me and the first thing I said
was....war huh? You said yes and I couldn't help saying
immediately "than hurry back home". Don't you see that we
are to be together? Let me help you find happiness, let me
help you find your world, let me help you find the person
you are looking for. I can, I know I can, why don't you?
This is so very hard on me, but then again there might be
WAR!!!!! Oh my god, I just can not believe what's happening
in the world, never thought I would live to see something
like this... What happened people?

Please come back?