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2001-09-12 10:00:27 (UTC)

in english. again

I just went to town to buy some cigarettes and the
newspapers. The headlines sound like this : „My god be with
us! Thousands are dead! The world is in fear! Will there be
Many people I have seen, show a very serious face ( one may
say, the germans are a very serious nation, but this time
it is different), they seem to walk slowlier, the cars are
driven slowlier. I hear the absence of sound, the sky is
grey and so are the peoples minds. Policemen are on the
streets. those terrorists inflicted a world -wide trauma.
This violent act does not only belong to the US. It is a
declared war to the democracies.
The Private TV-stations in germany are not ashamed, to send
boring talkshows like „ Fat people are unaesthetic“. That
is shocking. The public TV-stations show a churchservice (
is this the name for those nazarene rites that happen in
churches ?) I ask myself, if they are serious believers and
when they are, if those nazarenes are in love with the
enemy like their god said they shall be? The nazarenes
also killed thausands and destroyed nations and cultures.
Their god has to love them so much. Because their god
prooves the ones he is in love with.
I hope the wounds will heal and I hope, that the
worldleaders will be cool enough not to strike back with
military manouvres. Terrorism cannot be destroyed with
violence. To end Terrorism it is neccesary to change
peoples way of thinking, to give them the change to reach
knowledge and at least, to get religious ideas out of
their heads.
Well, my english is bad and perhaps I will be