Cosmic Rain
2003-01-18 14:27:03 (UTC)


I hate not knowing. I think it's the worst. Not knowing so
you worry. Unsure if you need to be worried. So worried
more because you don't know anything and there's no contact
to say otherwise. So I know tonight it will be on my mind.
I just wish I knew if Mel is ok. I didn't realise how bad
it was until I saw the news...Fires everywhere. Then when I
got home and looked it up on the net I read familar suburbs
and areas that are on alert. And because there is no answer
on the phone via her or machine and her mobile. I'm
worried. It makes your stomach churn. And I might not even
need to be worried. She's probably quite fine and all and
at her folks or somewhere quite fine. But it doesn't help.
Not until I know at least. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!..I'll just
distract myself or something. All will be dandy. Really
just hope she's ok. Worried about her.

On a lighter note, saw the quirkiest little car today. It
had beer bottle lids all stuck to its roof. It had a
plastic lizard stuck to a side panel and some other things.
There was tassles hanging down over the wheels..And some
nice artwork and inside was fluffy animals and things. It
was like a little bedroom on wheels. But the funny part was
the spider above the numbers on the back of the car. And
I'm like to Mat.."Ewwww that would freak me out, I'd think
it was real all the time." Anyway as we kept going I
noticed the spider had moved.."Mat, that spider moved. I
don't think it's stuck to the car.." And it was ugly and
big and a huntsman and it moved. So it wasn't stuck to the
car at all. It had just caught a lift on this car with
things stuck to it. Maybe it was hoping to join the bedroom
car circus on wheels.

I just read an update..Now I'm really worried. I hate
this..:( God I hope she's ok.

"..The fire station in the south-west suburb of Kambah was
destroyed, and residents said the area had been hit by gale-
force winds that uprooted trees and left vehicles on

I'm gonna try the mobile again...Funny..I feel I could
burst into tears any second..It's just that overwhelming
feeling of worry and emotion...Just knowing how close that
is and not knowing if she's ok. I haven't felt worry like
this in a long time. Bushfires scare me and just knowing
that they are in her suburb scares me more...

Phew she answered...Woke her, but just glad to know she's
ok and that's the main thing. Makes one feel a HELL of a
lot better...Tis instant relief...*sigh*

Well that is all I can write. Don't think I can write
anymore. I'm just relieved...Think I might try get some
sleep now...