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2001-09-12 08:24:04 (UTC)

Sept. 12, 2001

Making a website can be really hard, but I kinda like the
way it turns out. The fruits of your labor blossoms in
front of your eyes. It can be really gratifying. After all,
if you want something to happen, you have to work hard to
make it happen.

Making a fanfiction is even harder, but then I've always
wanted to write, so I guess it came true after all. Well,
I've been writing since I started to read. But then having
other people read it is different than writing for yourself
and for your grades. This time, it's different. Someone
reads your work because they want to know what's in there
that would make them happy. In short, I want to make other
people happy by having them read my fics.

I've been pretty busy these days because I'm updating my
site. I have to think of new fanfics that have new plots
and introduce new characters. But I wonder if I can make a
story written in my native language. Yes, I could do it.
After all, a writer needs to be flexible in any language
that he will use. Especially if he is going to use his
mother language.

I'm not sleeping well. I've been sleeping late lately
because of my site. But it's alright, it makes me happy

Anyway, I have to think of a new plot for my original work.
I wonder if it will turn out good. I hope so...

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