hello kitty cat
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2003-01-18 08:27:57 (UTC)


Well, Andrew sent me the new Zwan CD---I downloaded
it....and it's alright. It's really poppy. I don't know,
I'll buy it when it comes out but it's a little bit of a
dissapointment. Oh well. At least they're doing what they
wanna do. The lyrics kinda suck. It's just really poppy.
It's funny because there isn't one Smashing Pumpkins song I
don't like....and then this!!! Well, Chelsea came today. We
had a pretty good time....we went out for dinner and then
went to Reed' Mom got drunk was a long
story....hah. I just talked to PJ and Jimmy, they wanna get
together before I leave. I haven't seen those two in
something like 6 years. So I'm looking forward to seeing
them. Jimmy has a really controlling girlfriend though---
reminds me of Jason w/o the penis hah. So hopefully he'll
be able to chill w/me w/o his girlfriend bitching about it.
Well--that's it for now!