My Life
2001-09-12 07:36:47 (UTC)

During FunFair

It was amazing during CHMS' FunFair held on September 9th,
2001, Sunday. I went to school with my mom and sister,
biasalah... then arrived at about ten past nine in the
morning. The FunFair started at nine in the morning. So
when i arrived exactly in front of Darussalam Hall, i
waited for both my mom and sis come approached me after
parking the car. There, i saw Ping Khiong sprayed with
white-coloured dye, carrying tables with a bunch of his
classmates to the football field. They all including
himself wore white sleeveless shirt and black longs, just
like school uniform. He stared at me when i arrived school.
He looked a bit fatter than usual! I like his eyes staring
at me and at the same time, i asked him where was Mui Chun
at that time. Actually F4B student was doing a game for the
Funfair, that is throwing watered sponges to their faces.
Y'knowlah... seeking for money, and they will do whatever
as long as it's benefiting. No wonder, on Saturday, he went
home late, and so did me! He and his frens were painting
their work for the funfair. Unfortunately, at the same time
during the funfair, Ping Khiong was supposed to go to the
Stadium to attend for the outer sport competitions. Then
the next day he was 'saman' by the people who was in charge
in the sport events.