My Life
2001-09-12 07:12:34 (UTC)

First Impression

My first impression of this person is that he's so cute!
First of all, i didn't realize about him! It was when i was
doing my work in Biology lab. But then i saw him for the
first time at Shiuh Nyen's seat in his classroom. So at
that time i began to realize that he's so cute. So that was
my first impression! Secondly, i like to his smiles. When
he smile, he looked even cuter than when he get serious!! I
ever smiled at him twice. The first time, he didn't respond
to me. Maybe he got astonished! Then the second time, he
replied my smile at him! I was surprised!! I never thought
that he would replied me a smile, but just a short smile.
That was during school holiday, on Saturday, when i was
working to invigilate F5Sc First Trial Physics Practical.
He wore a white T-Shirt and a baggy longs. COOL!!! One more
thing that i really like about him is that he's a bit
taller than me! Unfortuntely, he is pretty young for me!
Y'know, 4 years younger than me!