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2003-01-18 06:16:31 (UTC)


Depression is something that I've been experiencing for
months now. And you know what the odd thing about it is?
I don't even know why. One second I'm at the top of the
world in my mind and the next I'm at the pits of Hell. No,
these aren't mood swings that occur from week to week,
rather, mood swings that happen from moment to moment -- an
endless cyle that I'm so damn tired of.
Lately I've been experiencing the feeling of absolute
loneliness. Most of it is so unexplainable. I moved from
my former city, Lufkin, in Summer of 2002, which I believe,
was the worst mistake in my mothers life. Anyway, the
thing that I've been so "depressed" over in the past few
weeks seems to be the fact that I have no friends and not a
boyfriend. In Lufkin I had it all -- friends, love and
happiness. Now I feel like I'm in this little box with no
way out. No way out, I tell ya!

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