insane inside 2
2003-01-18 06:05:49 (UTC)

my so called life

i dont know what life is about r why we even live...who
every made us is gay & so are the monkeys that we came
from,the only reason why ppl are bornis to die soon after
most people say life is to short to be pissed all the time
but i say life i to long to be happy all the time &
happyness is so overrated.& were All gunna die sooner r
latter y not today?its not like any one would care.becuz im
nothiong important really.& i think i only live for the
happyness the love of my life (paul) brings but soon that
will be over becuz hes getting kicked out & ill probly
never see him agen god im so fucking retarted for gettng
close to some one i knew it was gunna end in pain &
suffreng like always but what ever & if ur reading thisi
dont care if u write back r not bt if u belive in got dont
alk to me bout him if u decide to w/b ok peace~lauren~