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2003-01-18 06:03:58 (UTC)

This Is Where I Begin


People are using LiveJournal, but nobody has a code for me,
so I have rebelled and formed my own journal. How do you
like them apples?

First semester is over. Damn. In four months, we're
done. That scares me. I've waited my entire life for it,
but now that it's here, I'm not quite ready. By August, I
will be. But it's gonna be a strange next few months as it
all comes to a close.

I still have no idea where I'm going to school. I applied
to 7 schools, and the only one I've heard from is Webster.
Basically, it goes like this:

Yale -> More or less a joke. I don't expect to get in.
But I felt like I ought to try for an Ivy, just to say I
actually applied myself for once. Maybe they'd be
impressed with my scripts. Bumping my ACT to a 33 made me
somewhat less crazy for applying, but I'm sure the rest of
my stats are laughable at best to them. I just want a
fancy, prestigious rejection to keep me humble and drive me
to shove it back in their faces in ten years.

Northwestern -> Ever since I decided in October to apply,
I've grown more and more attached to it. I realized
Chicago fits me, which is weird but true. I feel totally
comfortable walking around downtown Chicago, and I could
entertain myself forever with all the cool stuff to do.
The school is amazing. My interview lady was nice as
hell. They have an awesome theatre program, and I could
still write scripts on the side. I'm not sure I'll get in,
but if I did, I'd have some SERIOUS considering to do.
It's a good possibility.

USC -> The dream. The #1 film school in the country. I
feel like I was born to be a Trojan. It's got the perfect
mix of social scene (D1 athletics, Greek scene) and
academics (ie. the best facilities, teachers, and program
for what I want to do with my life). Ideally, I'd get my
BFA in Filmic Writing, possibly a BA in Drama, and minor in
Advertising or Political Science. If I only got into the
theatre program and not the film one, I might actually have
to turn it down. THAT scares me. I almost want them to
flat out reject me instead of just give me regular
admission to just the school. But if the film program
accepts me, I'm THERE.

UCLA -> the greatest campus ever, but it seems second rate
in everything else. Westwood is great, and UCLA was my #1
choice back in '95, before I knew what I wanted to do or
why UCLA was even a good choice. But things change. It's
still a big possibility, but I think this ship has sailed.

NYU -> The annoying thing is the program is the best mix of
theatre and film and it's friggin' New York City. That's
annoying, because that's so damn appealing, but I don't
think I'm an East Coast person, nor do I think I'd enjoy
the lack of campus. It's a damn cool place to be, but I
felt more at home in LA. Who knows.

Ithaca - Once upon a time, I thought it was my safety.
Then I got a 33 and realized I didn't need to go to New
York's version of Siberia to be happy. The drama program
ain't all that hot, the campus was nice but in the middle
of nowhere, and honestly, the appeal has dwindled. If I got
mass rejections, I don't think I'd actually end up here
like once thought. Which means...

Webster - No disrespect to anybody who goes there, but if I
end up at Webster, I'll cry. But I think if USC or
Northwestern turned me down, it'd be a huge possibility.
I'd double major in Scriptwriting and Advertising, go to
St. Louis sporting events all the time, and bum around
places like City Improv or the Loop in my spare time.
Comfort wise, it'd be nice, but haven't I bitched my entire
life about wanting to leave this boring place behind?

In the end, it's gonna come down to a few things. First,
who actually offers me admision. Second, how much money
(scholarship and financial aid) are they gonna give me.
Third, how much I truly want to go to that school compared
to the others.

Honestly... I could end up at any of the 7. I WANT to go
to USC or Northwestern, I'd be happy at UCLA or NYU, and
I'd survive at Ithaca and Webster... Oh, and I'd shit my
pants at Yale, but how could I turn it down if they
actually took me seriously? THAT would be a fun call to

By April 1st, I should have a better idea.

Tonight was boring as hell. I went to the basketball
game. We won. Barely any of my friends were there, and
nobody was doing anything I wanted to do afterwards. So I
went back home at 9 and proceeded to watch Friends, Season
2 on DVD. I bought that, Requiem for a Dream, the Crow,
and High Fidelity today. I need to not spend money and
instead MAKE money, but my lazy slacker self has no
time/motivation for a job. I've got enough to do with the
musical, track, and directing 2nd semester. That ought to
be an interesting juggling trick.

Oh yeah, and on top of that, I want to write my 2nd
screenplay for Advanced Creative Writing. It's gonna be a
doozy; my first adult themed film. It's exciting to me,
but I have to do a lot of tedious work like researching
(stuff like Chicago, AIDS, heroin, Judaism) and prewriting
(mapping out scenes, biographing characters, etc.) before I
can get into it. Hopefully, by making it my project in
ACW, I can actually force myself to get it done.

After 210 votes on Hot or Not, I am a solid 8. Hah. I
kinda cheated and used a better-than-average picture of
me. It's my senior pic, when I was tanner and had a better
haircut. I was also sans glasses. But I guess it's not
cheating, cuz it is me and I didn't doctor it. I was just
more studly then. So what's the deal with me still being a
single dork? Strangers think I'm sexy, most people think
I'm smart and funny... What else do you need? Damn you,
women! Don't make me turn on my emo vibe. It'll crush you
with its sweetness.

I decided I really like the Oakland Raiders. I figure I'm
gonna end up in LA, so I need to adopt California teams as
my second hometown teams. The Cards and Blues are always
gonna be #1. Screw the Rams. (Chiefs for life!) But I
need back ups. So Raiders for football. Rice and Brown
are cool, and I like black and silver. I'll also take the
Kings in hockey for the same reason (though the Stars are
my usual non-STL fave). In baseball, I like the Dodgers.
Shawn Green is the 21st century Hank Greenberg (ie.
Unusually Good Jewish Athlete). I want a Dogers cap, too,
cuz I think the simple blue with white LA looks cool. Note
to self: bribe Tobin for a free hat.

Golden Globes are this Sunday. I'd make predictions, but
no... I'll just say Daniel Day Lewis was the best thing
about Gangs of New York, Charlie Kaufman is a pimp, and
25th Hour is the best movie in theatres right now. But go
see Adaptation, Bowling for Columbine, Gangs, and then go
see Chicago and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind next week,
like I will.

Oh, and rent About A Boy. Friggin' great. Nick Horny
writes some killer stuff, and it translates well to film.
Who woulda thought the American Pie boys had this kind of
sentiment in them?

Well, I've set a freakishly long standard now by which all
future entries will be judged. I better stop before I make
it impossible for myself.

I leave you with this final story.

I have these stuffed monkeys, right, with velcro feet and
arms. My mom gave them to me instead of flowers after
plays, cuz it seemed more manly. I guess it's still
childish, but I also still have the blanket I had as a
baby, so I guess it's apropos. Anyhow, the damn things
just sit on my extra pillow for decoration, more or less.
Well, I tend to roll and flip in my sleep, so they get
knocked around sometimes. This morning, I get out of bed
and see the big one's missing. Then I see something out of
the corner of my eye. Stuff to the butt of my flannel
pants is the monkey. The velcro attached itself to my
flannel clad ass.

I should've known it was gonna be one of those days.