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2001-09-12 03:35:58 (UTC)

I have post some responses to users - my day was normal

Hallo I have post some responses to users and I noticed
now that only way they see it is from header in entering
of editing page. If people scroll and see.
I reply to a user called Syke or silk. I did it because
I noticed that writer has a nice writting and clear
mind. And because remember some friends of me with
wind mill in place of head ; )

My day I worked some in my country, sold books till
people ask more from me than I could left to store.
A place in front Education Administration under rain : )

I go for a health institute to receive an oriental
technic of healing Reiki, I paid only a small bag of
beans for this. It is plenty in my country and cheaper
than one buck. Here is a tropical paradise, even have
subtropical areas.

I do examples to teach people to be good : )

and learn to be emotive as them
tomorrow will be another day with new oppornuties
and new peoples

be happy :}

me, my friends and falling star in paradise land

do not forget to brush teeth after eating and before sleep
drink fresh water thirty minutes before eating

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