The Nightshade Princess
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2003-01-18 05:49:05 (UTC)

amniotic spark

A dream has been resurrected, though I know not the
span of its renewed life. Due to medical and psychological
reasons, I'd once thought it impossible. The name of this
mystery shall remain unspoken until a later date, as much
is left to be done. Those who are involved know the
unfolding flower of which I speak. I am assessing my
potential, attempting not to be pessimistic, though, in
light of all failure, it is no easy task. The terrible
beast of self-doubt casts its suffocating shadown on
everything, but possiblilites shimmer and glitter brighter
stll, with all the radiance of gold in the noonday sun. I
will not be deterred by my own insecurities when it is so
nearly at hand, not without at least making an attempt at
I have a second sight. I am capable of a keen,
uncanny sort of knowing. I see far. Months ago, at the
very seed, I saw flashing before my eyes a painfully brief
picture of amazing clarity. Success is a definate possible
outcome. There are many outcomes, and knowing these is one
facet of my Gift. In this prenatal state, it is yet early
to state the most likely final outcome. My intuition
beyond the initial stage is clouded by emotion. For this
reason, I can occasionally gain impressions on the most
likely future for acquaintances, yet cannot read my own,
save for momentary flashes of precongnition, usually
concerning present or immediate future events. I pick up
energies with amazing ease. I am a vampire, an empath. I
can feel the emotions and feed off the energy of another. I
would do so automatically, if not controlled carefully.
Even so, there are accidents. I see auras. Yet, in all
these things, my gifts are small, and largely undeveloped.
They exist, though are not reliable, as such things
inevitably go. It seems I am off subject again, but that
does not matter now. Goodnight all