Playing In Traffic
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2001-09-12 05:55:56 (UTC)

No Money No Food

Running Out Of Money

I now declare myself broke.
I have only 20 dollars in my account and I have at least 3
weeks to survive with 20 dollars.
I don’t think it’s possible to save it till I get my pay at
the end of the month. This is crazy.
My transport is already like 3 bucks a day.
No way will I be able to see the end of the month. What’s
worse…I may not be able to go to work!
So what shall I do ? Starve myself to death ? I have a big
appetite actually and most of my money goes to my food. And
the fact that I’m no longer working in a café makes it
worse. At least when I was working in the café, I know I
can get food and how to get my daily meal doesn’t really
worry me. But now…I’m working in a skate shop….the food is
expensive at where I’m working with a bowl of noodles
costing me at least $3.00. And let’s not forget drinks.
This is horrible. I always hate this. I always tell myself
whenever I get my pay I’m going to be thrifty….but I don’t
keep that promise actually. I worked out that my daily
expenses are like 20 bucks! And that includes just meals
and drinks and transport.
This sucks actually.
I’m so dead.