2001-09-12 05:55:07 (UTC)

9/11 -Where were you?

I was running late to work. I made sure to call in.
During my drive I was thinking how beautiful it was and how
I wished I was downtown in the City taking a dance class.

I had not turned on the radio and when I got to work I just
resumed my usual deal until someone clued me in. And even
then it didn't sink in. Over the intercom they called us
into view a tape recording of the Towers and I started to
realize my Mom panics real easily. She's in the city.
She... is alright now. Thank God. And so are my friends in
Washington and Florida. I still haven't heard from my
friends that live and go to school in the city.

This is unbelievable what some people are capable of.
And are proud of?!? Ugh! I'm so disgusted with what they
want in life, with what they already have.
They found bombs on the GW? That's not too far away.
It's even closer to home.

I understand when it's time for me to die, then it's my
time. But all those people!!! Have they ANY ... NO
COMPASSION?!? No home to return to!

I'm thankful for all my family and friends that are so dear to me.
I'm thankful for all the mistakes I've made in life that got me to
where I am. And for whatever else you guys are thinking.

This day will go down as National 9-1-1