*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2003-01-18 05:04:03 (UTC)


I have a boyfriend, but it's a little more complicated
than that. Steve (previously of THE LIST) asked me out
tonight. BUT it is as revenge for the whole Penelope thing.
But what he doesn't know is that I know about his little
plan, because Brenda (oh dear sweet Brenda) told me of the
plan in exchange for the name of the anonymous guy on THE
LIST. Anyway, idiot me deleted the funniest conversation I
have had in my entire life. He asked me out and I was all
like "but you just asked Brenda out last night (which he
did), suspicious" and he was like "no I was joking with the
whole Brenda thing, I am so serious right now". And then I
said how it was wierd and he was all "no it's not wierd, do
you know how much you mean to me?" OMG, if I didn't know
this was revenge I would so figure it out after he said
that. It is so hilarious, Brenda is showing me his
conversation with her and I'm showing her my conversation
with him and we both can't stop laughing. He is the biggest
sucker. God created me just so I could do dumbass crap like


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