my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-18 04:36:33 (UTC)


hey.. i am in love with this song... i really like it. im
talking about beautiful by christina aguilera. i dont
really like much of her songs... but i really liek this
one. and the video is... touching. thats how i first heard
the song. in fact thats the only time ive heard it and i
just remembered it because it was pretty and touched me and
i liked it a lot. yea.. im downloading it here.. at beccas.
its so pretty *sigh*. i think im going to ask for it in
piano... the sheet music. i really do like it. its kinda
sad sounding and i love minor songs. slow.. sad... songs i
just love them... any way it snowed i did not play. i wish
i had. *sigh* i hope it snows more i can't wait till i get
to ski friday :) bye and yo uknow.. im still upset... but
im covering it now so it's not as bad. im dealing with it
in my own way. yea.. music... being one. bye...

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