Freedoms Asylum
2001-09-12 05:23:23 (UTC)

Other things


I might go into the city and do some filming, maybe get
some pieces of the fallen tower. I don't really wanna spend
the time I leave for myself for this page on talking about
the bombing, especially considering that it's everywhere.
I'd rather express my reactions in the news section, which
fate seems to be beckoning into existence sooner than I

Right now, I'd like to talk about Other things, the
things that mathematically are just as important. Loving
thy neighbor is a marvelous thing, it's sometimes like a
nest of the goldest bird in existence that is suddenly
being born in front of your face, on your fingertips. But
when it comes down to it if the whole world was taken away,
you would still feel, you would still sense and imagine and
wonder and jump. When you close your eyes, it's just you.
When the time comes to share with the world, it's the
things YOU got on your own and strived for and met, that
are spread out on the table, your hand full of jokers,
queens, numbers and aces facing quietly down flat on the

Might sound stupid in some way. But sometimes being
able to put down a large amount of chips in this game of
chance is the most hands-on approach to winning you could
hope to survive by.

I wanna start swimming soon. It's the closest thing to
flying, and it's also kind of a way of being invisible.
What makes swimming so great is how it stretches your body
out, so you dont face the danger of having one bicep that's
bigger than the other, with no chest, and steroid legs.

My eyes are starting to close, it's been a long and
very strange day. I'm out.