Life in the Making
2001-09-12 05:19:16 (UTC)

No More Tim! I mean it this time!

Ok! I've had enough. I'm not going to talk about Tim any more.
Not inless someone else brings the conversation up. I told
Tim I wouldn't, and it might be a better way to forget
about him. Our convo:

Me: You hurt me when you say I scare you. If I scare you so
goddamn much I'll just stop talking to you all together.

Tim: i don't want that. just stop talking so much ABOUT me

Tim: it's just that it makes you seem wierd when all you
talk about to other people is me

Me: I'm going to. I've been told to stop liking you by many
people. But I can't stop liking you. So I'm going to do the
next best thing. And that's not thinking of you, talking
about you, etc, inless we're at work. I'll even have
Vanessa slap me if I start talking about you. Iless of
course it deals with John D. fucking her

Me: Well, I am wierd, Tim. I can't help but like what I

Me: I thought you like praise?

Tim: cool, good for you

Tim: not when people ask me a bunch of personal questions
and things all the time

So, I'm going to stop talking to him, stop thinking for him
(or at least try to). I don't want Tim or John, or anyone
else to think I'm too weird to be friends with. Maybe
that's why on one likes me. I'm weird. I'm too weird for my
own good.