Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
2001-09-12 05:16:13 (UTC)

To everyone

To everyone who responded to my earlier setiments on todays
tragey in NY and DC, thank you so much, and I will reply to
you individually tomorrow, its late and I just wanted to do
a little more reflecting personally in my journal before I
go to bed.

Well thankfully, schools are closed tomorrow, so I dont
have to worry about the safety of so many innocent little
children. I can not tell you how hard it was to act like
nothing was wrong for these children. At a few points I
started crying, I needed to and I knew the children could
not see, and they didnt, but I had to cry. What a horrific
turning point for our nation. How could we have been so
unprepared for this? How could we just ignore all the signs
and symptoms which would result in such a catastrophe as
this? I fear that it is not over. And living so close to
the nations capitol is scary. And all the "what if's?". My
dad works for the government in DC. Not at the Pentagon,
but near enough to be a frightening thing today. And he is
going to work tomorrow, and I dont want him to. And all
these planes high jacked were heading to California! I am
from California. I fly there at least twice a year. My
family is constantly flying to and from there. What if,
what if, what if. And Dulles.That airport is fifteen
minutes from my house. My god.

All that keeps going through my head is a reporters voice
annoucing "A day of infamy...", because I watched so many
Pearl Harbor documentories where they said that. Truly a
day of infamy, not THE day of infamy, but one nevertheless
that will remain in our minds forever.

Please God, get us safely through the night. Watch over us
and keep us under your wing. We pray you will be with the
family and friends of those that were unable to be free of
harms way today. Bless our nation and its leaders, please
be with them in this difficult, yet crucial time of
decision making to lead our country into recovering from
this enormous tragedy in the most peaceful manner possible.
In Your name, Amen.

Goodnight and God bless everyone. Please pray. And if you
dont pray, donate blood. Do something.