bitch-it's a compliment
2001-09-12 05:06:02 (UTC)

Daddy's girl

When I was in the ninth grade my dad commited suicide. I
remember everything-It was the day after his birthday, Me
and my little brother just got home from school, we were
both walking down the steps to our rooms and we heard a
loud bang. We thought at that instant that maybe he was
fooling around with the dogs and his beebee gun(if you knew
my dad thats how he was). The we heard my mom
screaming "omigod, omigod,he shot himself in the head, my
husband just killed himself," she was on the phone the
whole time talking to the police because he had told her
what he was going to do. So she was on the phone with them
while he did it. My other brother wasn't home yet and when
he got home he didn't believe us until he saw all the
firetrucks and abulances. You know how they take a picture
of the body from where it is at. While the police officer
was talking to my mom he wasn't paying attention to what he
was doing and was waving the picture right infront of my
face. I can still see his body laying there on the floor.
I'm in the twelveth grade now. I don't think I've ever
gotten over it. I try to image how things would be if he
was still here. But I can't. I cry because I'm starting
to forget what he looks like in my brain. I'm having to
start looking at pictures to remember.I have never stoped
loving him. So as for this-Dad where ever you are are for
whatever your doing-i miss you, and love you
daddy's little girl
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