The jerk files
2001-09-12 05:00:33 (UTC)

I was wrong.

Well consuming fire, (the psycho program that makes me
no longer watch movies, eat junkfood, sodas, candy, talk on
the internet,But most of all, we cant listen to music.
JEEZ! thats my life. I dont know what im gonna do. anyways,
starts NEXT tuesday. So i decided to write all i can now.
Today the world trade center was attacked. They both
collapsed. Many people lost their lives. It was terrible. I
feel alotta hate for the persons respnsible for this. I
went to school today and resumed regular college kid
activities. Prayer in the morning, i led worship, chapel,
class, lunch, class. Came home and saw the plane crash into
the WTC. It blew my mind. **SIGH** man, i went over to
study with patricio. (PATRICK) We had some deep convos. It
was cool. WELL herei am and here i go. PACE!