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2001-09-12 05:00:01 (UTC)

One {Gray: WTC Colapse}

Forgive this journal entry as I am in shock. The clinical

On the PATH train there was a mysterious announcement: "look
out the window." I did. The World Trade center looked like
an old cigarette ad.... smoke streaming from the two towers.
I thought of the 1930 plane crash at the empire state
building. Was it one plane or two? An accident or an attack?

They had us get out a stop early. Across the river, maybe a
tenth of a mile, the towers were burning.

I carry field glasses to watch the falcon's on my building.
I took them out and began to watch. Several floors of the
north tower were burning intensly already. The south tower
was clearly missing a large portion in its middle.

Debree began to fall. With the field glasses I realized the
debree was people jumping from the north tower. Maybe the
90th floor. One afer another they cartwheeled out. More and
more smoke billowed out. Fire around the towers base was

I watched.

Reports came in of the other attacks.... refugees shuttled
accross the river by ferries started telling about what it
was like in the buildings when the planes hit. No one
believed the second plane was going to. It did.

A blast billowed out from the base of the south tower. I was
jostled and the south tower was obscured. A huge cloud
rolled from the base of the towers. I regained my position
and the south tower was gone. just not there. I watched the
north tower still pretty much believing the other tower was
simply obscured. The fires burned more intensely. The radio
tower seemed to list...no not still straight. And then that
tower imploded. The woman beside me with her dog grabbed me
an wept. Another dog passed by and the dogs faught. I stood
and tried to accept that the syline was now flat where the
towers had been. I pulled the dogs fighting apart and
thanked the ladies mutt for perspective.

I glanced at my building. There on it's facade was the
falcon I call Gray; perched quietly.

Jersey City was closed. No trains. No busses to anywhere
useful. Hours of aimless wandering later I took the only
buss running - to Secacus. I sat for 7 hours at a Home
Depot. My wife was stuck on the highway at the Meadowlands
Sports arena. A van appeared to be full of explosives and
they'd closed Route 3. I started walking towards her but
cops stopped me.

I ended up in a hotel resturaunt with a mixture of other
refugees. A kid from Alabama who'd been to the WTC
yesterday for training. An EMS worker up from central New
Jersey who was telling anyone that would listen that 26 of
the men from his unit were now missing (500 firemen too he
guessed, "The radios just kept clicking. You see you thumb
the talk button when you are trapped."). A neighbor of mine
that worked in the building accross from WTC that had
abandoned his SUV at the roof top parking lot when they were
engulfed by the debree.

The highway reopened....16hr later I arrived home (my
neighbor in the back seat in worse shock then myself). Still
trying to get over the realization that there is no more
WTC. My son will never see the view from the top. Trying to
deal with the picture in my mind of the human beings
cartwheeling from the 90th floor...one...two..three...four

Other random thoughts:
My brother and sister who works in the took a long time to
locate...both are alive.

the bar tender was too cool feeding me for free and hooking my
neighbor up with me...I knew he guys house but never met him.

the ems guy said they'd stopped chemical weapons at patterson plank
road (a mile away).

The alabama kid had digital pictures of the wtc from yesterday. was
supposed to be there today.

My two closest NYPD friends are MIA....but not there beat so probably
just at the site. (turned up)

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