bitch-it's a compliment
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2001-09-12 04:54:53 (UTC)

life's a bitch!

as my first entry i would like to say hi and i don't care
if you like my shit. There enough said about that. I
think that my life sucks. I'm in love with two people.
One being my best friend who doesn't believe i love him.
And another whom i met three years ago. Both take my heart
away. I've tried having a relationship with both but the
one now lives even farther away from me. We figured that a
long distance relationship wouldn't work because of our
past experiences. The other one is shy-well not so shy as
to flirt with girls. I tried to go out with him too. We
went out for a week i think. He wouldn't talk to me at
school or hold my hand. I don't think his friends even
knew. So it's the new year. The one that lives out of
town has-as far as i can tell-moved on with his life. So
in my mind I'm thinking he is a lost cause. It's hard
cause I've always wanted to be with him. It's like a movie-
he's the one I'm suppose to be with-we both know it. But
he's moved on. The other guy and i are back on track, by
that i mean we hang out again and make out again. Fool
around, that kind of shit. Should it be right that i want
more-like to start over? Well I'm trying to progress and
see what happens. He's one of those all the girls like him-
he can have sex with whoever he wants(girls offer
him),sweet virgin. But I don't know, my life sucks. I
should just get on with out being with a guy for a change.
song-you outta know

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