of little importance
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2003-01-18 03:13:24 (UTC)

what's the difference

if you knew me would you want to hold me?
could you at least try to understand?
but i can't expect you to do those things,
since you don't know who i really am.
you don't know what i hide inside,
and no i won't let you see.
i'm afraid of you finding someone you don't like,
though i'd really like for you to like me.
so i know that you would hold me now,
my question is would you hold me if?
but i guess you can't answer that question,
unless i tell you what the if is.
i really don't want to tell you.
can't you just find out on your own?
just prove to me that you want to,
that maybe i could find in your eyes a home.
but i don't want you to find it,
i don't want you to turn away.
i'm trying to stop can't you just see that?
i'm tired of being this way.
so why do i keep acting like this?
why can't i put it to an end?
here's the thing i want to know:
would you even know if i did?