listen to my silences
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2003-01-18 03:03:19 (UTC)

because seems that no one does...

one of the scariest things is putting a part of you out and
letting people react to it how they will. take for
instance, this diary. anyone can read it. and i've told
people about it. so people i know can read it. and my
thoughts, i put on here. and my songs/poetry.

it's almost worse when no one reacts.

because seems that no one does...

oh well.

so i dropped the sign class. yeah i know i said i was okay
with it but i just decided it wasn't worth the stress. and
maybe i could have done it, but i don't know. and i guess
i kind of gave up on myself in a sense. only in a sense
though. because i picked up another class that i'd have
kept even if i did pick up the sign. so i'd have had
eighteen hours. and all those classes are on monday
wednesday friday and the sign was my only class on tuesday
thursday. and it was at five o clock. the others are
right in a row from eight till one. but that's okay at
least they're all together not like last semester. so i
kind of gave up and i kind of was lazy. not a good
combination. but i was still going to try it. then the
professor called yesterday to cancel class and i asked her
if i should come on tuesday cause i couldn't get the book
to study and we were having a quiz and she said it's up to
you so i said i don't think so since i'm so far behind and
everything i learned is so different but i'd like to pick
it up in the fall. and she said i'm more than welcome to.
and she was really nice on the phone so maybe she doesn't
hate me.

i think because this school is so expensive most everyone
who goes here thinks they have a right to be stuck up.
well here's a hint: YOU DON'T! i don't know it's just
stupid. one of my friends from hs that i've known for like
ever goes to usi and i went to her apt and hung out with
her and her friends for like two hours. it was so much
fun. none of them have attitudes! and they like to have
fun! yay! it was great.

going home this weekend...

final thought: would you even notice if i was gone, would
you even care if i was here