Cosmic Rain
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2003-01-18 02:52:42 (UTC)

Little ray of sunshine

Wow! What news I got this morning. My sister Sue rang and
usually we chat for a bit before the nature of the call is
established. But not 15mins or more. So I was listening and
thinking "Why has she rang?" Must be something, not that
there has to be something, but I knew there was something.
So I was patiently waiting for that something to be
revealed. And then the hint dropped and now I have even
forgotten the hint. I think it was a mention to something
in September and I was OMG are you pregnant..Wow! So
fingers crossed all goes well. So two little bubsies will
arrive this year. My best friends and Sue's. This time she
is going to find out what it is. But have to wait for that.
But it's all very exciting once again.

Mia is also finally saying my name. So I'm going to have to
put the new September edition into training earlier. She
was even saying my folks dogs name before mine. And her
favourite singer Kylie. Which isn't too far from Kim, so I
think the little bugger knew and was just stringing it out
a little longer, cause she knew how much I actually wanted
to hear her say Kim. It's just adorable when she says new
things that you haven't heard her say before. And it's all
gonna start over again. Be it boy or girl I'm going to be
an Aunty again. WOO HOO! :)

I need to get my bum moving. Tis my other sister's b'day on
Monday, so off to check out the present world and see what
one can find. Then off to my folks for din dins. So toodles
for now

*wanders off*

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