De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-09-12 04:39:46 (UTC)


Tues-Wed 11/9-12/9/2001

Omigosh, what can i say?? everything's been too incredible
so far..

after my shower at 2am last night... thought i'll juz go
online to check my mails... didn't expect that i'll end up
stayin awake the whole night, watchin the news of the US
attack on BBC....

this is such a sick can something so extreme
actually happen in our society??? i feel so revolted and
shocked that it has really affected my mood today...

the mood all round weir house was also sombre and
shocked... many pple did not believe what had
happeneded...and Stan, bumped into him in breakfast...he
was looking really down.... it muz be heartbreaking to see
all that happenin in your home country...

by then, most of weir house has came to know of what
happeneed..many were glued to the TV... it was like the
realisation of our worst nightmare....the end of the
world.... realli cliched...but reality juz proved that it
can juz happen so easily...

in campus, the US flag was flown at half-mast... things
still flow of course, but it was noticeable that pple were
more reserved than usual....

well, i'm really upset by this.... worried too no less....
although i'm so far away from where it happened... my
condolences to the deceased and may the evil be punished
real soon...

take care all,