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2003-01-18 02:19:27 (UTC)

a week later

its been a whole week since i have written in here. the
whole time i have been waiting for them to write in here
but they havent, so im writing in here. Im really bored
right now, everybody is out but im just chillen here at my
casa. sounds fun right? I wish i was out night. I can get
my drivers license sometime next week. Hopefully ill be
able to drive, i dont care if my truck doesnt have my
stereo in it, ill still drive. I know i wont be able to
drive next week cause it isnt inspected, so that will take
a week or so. and that will really piss me off cause they
could havent gotten it inspected along time ago. The d.p.s.
probably make we wait to get my licsense and that will piss
me off too. But there is nothing i can do. I probably will
be failing something else this time, so i wont be able to
drive or play soccer. so that will really suck. I shouldnt
even do an eligability cause i know i will be failing. Im
tired of sitting here at my house all the time it gets
hella boring. So when i can drive im going to always be
gone, either cruis'n or at someone house chillen. ill
probably be at jerrys house all the time. me and that fool
will be cruis'n and starting shit with everyone. me driving
will get me in alot of trouble but thats cool. lifes not
fun without trouble and chaos. me and tha hamster are
getting really close and thats cool. i want her and kelan
to become friends but i dont think that will work out that
will just cause trouble, maybe even a fight, that would be
fun to watch. I really like her and i know she really likes
me to, and thats hella cool. i wish we could have gone out
and did something this weekend, but it was her dads turn to
have her this weekend, so thats cool. im tired and hyper at
the time. wow scary. the other day i found out that my old
best friend that use to do drugs and shit like stopped.
what a jackass, im still pure. sXe nigga! Im bored so im
getting off maybe ill go drive the truck or something.

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