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2001-09-12 04:38:18 (UTC)


I can't believe people actually do this. It's morning now,
afternoon infact. About 12 something. So, it should be
about 12 something in US too.

I read in reuters that the two planes took off with FULL
tanks. It's very hard to say that the people inside

There is an officials wife in the plane itself too. She
called her husband..wait....let me find out who it is.
Yeah, oh gosh, it's Barbara Olson. She alerted her husband
about the plane being hijacked. All the passengers and the
crew members were ordered to go right behind the plane. The
only weapons used are knives and cardboard cutters.

She felt that no one was in charged and called her husband
to tell the pilot what to do.

She alerted her husband from the plane, from a cell phone.

Her husband contacted the Justice Department command centre

I guess you should go to or abcnews for further
updates. Such a tragedy. The whole world cries for them,
prays for them, horrified by the act the people are doing.
Killing such innocent lives.

Can you imagine, those people working at the pentagon and
those working at the WTC, goes to work that morning,
probably thinking, 'I am gonna go home in the evening and I
am going to watch a movie and doze of on the couch.' But
these things did not happen. INstead, it just turn around.
am truly speechless at the account of what these terrorist
are doing.

shame on them.

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